Mystery shopping isn't a mystery anymore

We deeply understand the market research function. We have gained valuable expertise in Mystery Shopping Services through our work with various mystery shopping providers across the world. We have worked in all phases of the mystery shopping cycle and are aware of the intricacies involved in each phase – shopper database creation, shopper scheduling, content editing of shopper form and analytic.


Industries Served:

Our Mystery Shopping Support Services are designed so as to offer accurate, timely and professionally edited valid data. Our work over the past decade covers a variety of sectors including :

* Restaurant and fast food
* Consumer services
* Automotive
* Banking and Finance
* High end retail
* Consumer electronics
* Real estate

Some of the key benefits that our clients have realized are -

* Saving in operating costs by over 60%
* Drastically improving quality of surveys submitted to the end client
* Shortening the turn-around-time by 50%
* Eliminating client kick-backs for shopper reports
* Increasing stickiness with the client
* Growing business volume from existing customers


Here is our different offering in Mystery Shopping support services:


Editing Services

We are one of the few companies in this industry to have trained team sitting at our head office and providing editing services when it comes to Mystery shopping. Our custom services not only help our customers to get ready data to work but also gives an input from a knowledge perspective.

Shopper Scheduling

We have a proven track record in assisting mystery shopping companies in the areas of recruiting, scheduling and follow-up of the shoppers. We have experience working on multiple scheduling platforms – both standard and customized.

Shopper Database Maintenance Service

We offer Shopper Database Maintenance service to maintain the shopper database with shoppers who are interested, along with their verified contact details. We connect with shopper is through various channels and confirm their interests on mystery shopping assignments.