Editing Services

Data Auditing & Error Elimination

Mystery shoppers are given a form to be filled as per the shop they are sent to visit. These forms have relevant questions as per the shop and related business. These questions are to be answered and given back to iSN’s for further editing purposes. We at iSN then evaluate the form of the mystery shopper and our experts give their advice on the main highlights and the add ons which might be helpful.

These are client specific services, also called as tailored services. These tailored services at iSN not only helps the customer to get ready data to work on but also gives an input from a knowledge perspective. This knowledge, insight helps the customer to present his/her shop/business in a better way in the market. This therefore creates a difference and generates a competitive edge. Indirectly it also helps a shopper experience, the next when they visit to shop.

iSN professionals not only enhances the data by their knowledge, but also eliminates any errors in the form submitted by the mystery shopper. Therefore, it makes the data even more authentic and error less.


Our Checklist-

We audit and edit the shopper reports based on various reference material, rules and checklists recommended by our clients. Some of these include -
* Completeness and Correctness of information
* Grammar and sentence construction used in textual comments
* Quality of audio/visual supplements
* Information verification with pictures, videos and audio dictations/transcripts attached to the report
* Completing the forms using information from audio-visual supplements
* Validating numbers and amounts as per set formulae or logic
* Overall integrity of information as per business rules set for each shopping assignment

Key Takeaways From iSN-

Payment Control:

While auditing the report we check for mandatory fields that are required to process the payment to mystery shopper. For example: Receipts & Photographs. We control & moderate payments to the shopper depending on our audit findings.


Cost Control:

Besides the cost advantage due to the outsourced operations, we also save a lot of rework costs by ensuring quality of shopper surveys and eliminating chances of client rejections / kick-backs.


Every submission that is made by the shopper is corrected for grammar and spellings. We then format the audited data into a client recommended standardized template and exported in a format that is convenient for delivery to their customers.


Quality Control:

In order to ensure that every deliverable from us meets the quality expectations of our customers, we have incorporated an additional step wherein 30% of the total volume of the reports is sent for quality assurance. In this step, our QA team reviews negative responses and checks for consistency between comments provided for those. They review overall comments and check if they align with the overall score generated for that location.

ISN not only collecte data, we review it, enhance it, remove errors but also sets a standard format in which the data is provided to the client. Quality and standardization gives a clear picture to the customer and helps the business grow in a faster and better way.