Shopper Database Maintenance Service

Ensuring database has relevant information

As experts in Mystery Shopper selection, we keep a database where all the details of the mystery shopper are updated. This database is of significant importance for us as this is the master list for ourselves as well as our customers. We have this masterlist further detailed into domain, location and availability wise. The domain would have the knowledge or expertise of that shopper in which he or she excels. Location, would be where all he can collect information from & availability is from when is he/she available with iSN to do the job. The masterlist is therefore updated regularly.

We have an additional list called as requirement details list. If the shopper from the master list is unavailable, then we refer the requirement details list. This list gives us an overview as to the various attributes that a shopper should have. We then carry out out a market research and appoint such people on-board. We also maintain a backup file. This backup file is a back up to the master list. If any individual suddenly drops out, we immediately update the shopper's status in the backup file.


Why it is advantageous to have iSN as Mystery Shopping Support partner

As a Mystery Shopping Support partner, we support customers with a start-to-end approach. Our capabilities include:

* Contact us for any geographical location
* Robust database for the mystery shoppers data
* Accurate and reliable data
* Less time consuming operational cycle
* Economical charges
* Delivery on time, no delay
* Regular back-up model in house hence no loss of data

Shopper Database clean up services

It has been observed that the shopper database becomes inaccurate after a period of time for a variety of reasons like shopper relocation or change in priorities .This impacts schedulers most, since they realize this only at the run time, when a scheduling assignment is due for completion the next day. We offer Shopper Database Maintenance (clean-up) service which helps to maintain the shopper database with shoppers who are interested, along with their contact details which are valid and accurate.

We contact shoppers through various channels to confirm their interest in continuing with mystery shopping assignments. Moreover, if the shopper is unwilling to perform shops due to some issues, we provide this feedback to our client and work with them to check if the issue can be solved. This way, we also help in reactivation of dormant /inactive shoppers.


iSN’s Experience

Providing Mystery Shopping Support Services since 2003