Shopper Scheduling

Right selection of Mystery Shopper

We assist mystery shopping companies in the areas of recruiting, scheduling and follow-up of the shoppers. We have experience working on multiple scheduling platforms – both standard and customized. Our capability to handle all kinds of scheduling/recruiting needs – for small to large organizations, regional to international in scope, long-term as well as projects needing a quick ramp-up, helps us design a customized solution for our clients.
Our ability to locate, connect with and build a network of quality shoppers in even “hard to reach” areas has been lauded by many of our clients. We ensure full shopper support and training, as well as complete follow-up until the forms are submitted. We locate consumers for focus groups and consumer panels as well.


Why iSN

Once we accept an assignment, we are responsible for tracking each shop from assignment of the shop to ensuring its completion. Our proprietary shopper scheduling process ensures that we are able to mobilize shoppers in difficult areas, cover all gaps in the scheduling and leave nothing to chance. We guarantee 100% completion, every time!
iSN has a set criteria on how to select a mystery shopper. Selection of a right person is the first step in the process of mystery shopping. The right person is selected by a psychological test done at the interview level of the shopper. The shopper differs from shop to shop or from business to business. The talent at iSN is that we get the right people for the right job. As the selection procedure is robust the right candidate is sent for the mystery shopping and hence the form is submitted with accurate answers.

Choosing the right mystery shopper

We get people from diverse field and check their knowledge on the related business. We have a team who can select a candidate as per our customers, business demand anywhere in the country. Hence, location and talent is not a constraint. The form reading is also done with the mystery shopper before hand. So that when we goes for the job he concentrates on the important points.
We at iSN make sure that his understanding about the questionnaire is clear and understood rightly. We also have backup plans ready for people and questionnaire perspective. We work to deliver on time and also with high quality.Mystery shopper selection is done at its best. It’s all about you giving us a chance to prove our best service to you.


iSN’s Experience

Providing Mystery Shopping Support Services since 2003