Let lead generation become a habit

Strengthen your sales funnel with our smart, aggressive and highly efficient lead generation and lead nurturing programs. We use a winning combination of marketing tools, innovative ideas and proven processes with a team of sales “missionaries” to identify and build strong relationships with decision makers.

We provide end-to-end support, starting from prospects’ database to cold calling and to further lead generation. We produce the optimum quantity and quality of leads needed to maximize your sales and marketing ROI. Our sales support services cover strategy development, planning and execution to provide a predictable flow of qualified leads within a matter of weeks.

Improve productivity of your sales teams by using only the most qualified leads.


Our most popular Sales Support Services include:


Contact Discovery

A database of potential clients is what most businesses are looking today. We aim to help you find the most relevant ones. Contact Discovery Services from iSN are aimed to provide customers important business contacts that their marketing and sales departments can utilize.

Online Research

Our Online Research services include extensive information sourcing across the World Wide Web. Our experts who have complete and a deep knowledge about how to get relevant information from the Search Engines. Using different tools we ensure that our searches are successful.

Account Profiling

We assist you on a strategic level where there is a need to penetrate existing and new accounts effectively and in greater depth. We help in continuously refining your sales and marketing strategy by providing an insight into markets and prospect accounts.