Account Profiling

A thorough analysis of your target market

Account Profiling services from iSN GLobal Solutions gives you a complete scan of your target market with a clear view of short, mid and long term buying cycles. The target market is the market which you would want a track on for all the detail analysis in it. The target market analysis is a detailed, analytical and continuous process. The target market varies from customer to customer.At ISN we have a detailed process of target market analysis.

We assist you on a strategic level where there is a need to penetrate existing and new accounts effectively and in greater depth. We help in continuously refining your sales and marketing strategy by providing an insight into markets and prospect accounts.

We utilize a blend of web research and telephone communication to develop a detailed understanding of the prospective business, pain points and key areas for investment, and other governing factors such as policies and politics in procurement. We keep your account managers informed of sales issues, and deliver new business opportunities enabling them to sell more effectively and intelligently.

The core of our services is to provide actionable information. For example, based on our Business Intelligence, Account Profile report and Contacts Lists you can immediately launch marketing programs. You can target the right individuals, addressing their business challenges.


Here is an exclusive list of what our Business Intelligence and Profile Report can help you find out:


Current Vendor, Product or Service:

This section will have all the detail which you need to understand and if need apply to your business as well. The vendor, product or service has a detailed report of how and what the vendor is bringing into the market and creating a competition. It can also be the other way that what the vendor is lacking that you can do better. The positives and negatives both can be made out from this report. Hence making your study easy and quick.

Current contract details:

Contact details of different companies, their vendors, the distributors, sales person are made available. All these data in this report are provided by ISN. The customer needs to be clear as to what he exactly wants in contact details. We have alternate numbers and numbers region wise as well.This list is upgraded from time to time.


Pain points and Grievances:

The grievances can be of the different companies in the target market or it can also be on the customers in the market. The grievances gives us an outlook of how things can be improved and done in a better way. The grievance study is done industry wise, customer wise,region wise, product/service wise and demand and supply wise.

Key decision makers in vendor selection and approval:

Decision makers are regulatory bodies and the government. This report contains the rules and standards to be followed in vendor selection and approval. One needs to abide by these standards. Violation to which can bring the company into legal consequences.The report will clear the procedure of vendor selection and approval.


Factors influencing the buying decision:

There can be many factors like: population, salary, choices and preferences,weather conditions, contingencies,market conditions etc. As per the business and client requirement we would provide the factors influencing the buying decision in the market.The data and statistics are taken from verified sources at ISN.

Top selection criteria:

Selection criteria is a report on how a selection should be done regarding a new business venture, a new market strategy, a new product or service etc. The top selection criteria will have the details about the procedure. Following which from start to end will get the customer an easy and quick start of his new idea.


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