Online Research

We are your information finding sources:

Our team at ISN Global has an excellent capability of sourcing information across the World Wide Web. We have experts who have complete and a deep knowledge of internet. These experts will not only get all the required information but also give you the information with a specialized input about it. Online Research has been one of our core services that we have been catering to our clients in number of areas. Below is our expertise areas:


People Information Sourcing:

People information sourcing report is about people with their contact details. We have the alternate numbers and the resource is divided region wise.

Company Information Sourcing:

Information about different companies are all with us. We can give information about any company. The customer needs to provide us with the details he/she wants about a particular company and we make sure to extract all the data required by our customers.


Industry Information Sourcing:

The companies in the market are divided by industries. Industries are the wider sections of the economy. Industry information is information about a particular industry or industries. We have experts who provide industry level information both micro level and macro level.

Competitive intelligence:

This is a kind of intelligence where competition is understood and judged. The customers who wish to get data on competitive intelligence, we have the right people to give you the information. We do an analysis of how a competition is in the market mostly related to any sector or type of business. We then give our views as to how the competition can be eliminated or minimized by adopting in a company and generate better profits.


Business Ecosystem tracking:

Business ecosystem tracking is a macro level game. We here at ISN study the economy as a whole. We have our analysis on how the business is doing in the market and how healthy a particular economy looks. This kind of data is needed by governmental organizations. Those people venturing into a new business in the market need such information.

Web Monitoring Services:

We are experts in Web Monitoring. Web monitoring seems a very easy task, as today our generation is a Web savy generation. However Web monitoring is a complicated task and is done very systematically at ISN. Web monitoring services can be of many types,i.e monitoring of stocks, markets, new market strategies, etc. A customer can detail out his/her needs and we will provide all and any web monitoring services to them.


To find information can be done by anyone. We here find the relevant information about a particular topic from our sources. We at ISN have experts who not have a complete knowledge of web sources to extract information, but also have a deep knowledge about the particular topic. Hence this makes the information accurate and refined. After extracting all the information from the internet our experts put in a lot of study and analysis to prepare the data at its best. Our clients can directly work on the ready data given by our experts.

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