Shopper Management

A Mystery Shopping Company that provides focused consumer insights to its clients across industries like Retail, Restaurants & Bars, Health & Wellness, Professional Services etc… The company help create the brand loyalty of its clients by developing an intelligent system to capture consumer experience and providing with solutions to elevate those.

Client Concerns:

• Ensuring the accuracy for a client, very particular about specifications
• Lots of efforts & time involved in shopper follow ups
• This put challenges in meeting the strict timeline for reports
• Lack of reliability with the freelancer model for the volume surge early every month

Proposed Solution:

• iSN with their expertise will have a dedicated team working on a real time basis.
• iSN takes up the additional volume early every month
• iSN will follow up with shoppers for missing information through email and phone
• The time zone difference will be capitalized on to facilitate the communication with shoppers


• iSN provided a dedicated team of editors for editing and shopper follow ups communicating real time and getting the reports through
• This reduced the turnaround time considerably for the client
• The client was able to take up more Mystery Shopping projects without increasing their fixed overheads