Financial Document Sourcing

To monitor, control & enhance documents, iSN has developed an application that will provide downloaded documents from URLs, reviews, sort & upload these documents onto the client FTP. iSN will help client to define its document strategy, and control & enhance the entire documents database accordingly.
• Application was an initiative which assures immediate key financial information in form of a database
• The Annual Report (AR) needed to be discovered within 48 hours of their release
• AR’s needed to be available to the clients in an editable PDF and excel format for further financial tables to be extracted


• Search through the Investor Relations (IR) webpages of more than 60000 companies daily who may have released their ARs
• Download the image and convert it to editable document
• Collate the database and make it available within 48 hours

Major Takeaways:

• Major contribution in accurately implementing project with the spontaneous information availed to the clients
• A generalized tool for data mining
• Knowledge enhancement in the financial domain


• Country wise crawler stores the URLs of the respective companies.
• Crawler starts on a scheduled time with respect to companies and countries.
• Keyword settings are configured in the crawler, so the crawler will hit only the data that belongs to keywords like financial report, annual result, annual report, quarterly, interim, *.pdf, *.* etc.
URLs are connected successfully, and the Crawler searches the documents using the keyword database. Crawler refers to the previous results to detect new changes on web pages.
• New financial documents are downloaded into the defined folder.
• For not connected URL’s, Crawler generates separate results to verify these URLs

Solution Implemented:

• Develop a tool which will map the release of the AR by companies
• Alert mechanism for only updated IR pages

Key Outcome

After implementation of the above mentioned key steps, we found below outcome in the project for which client has also appreciated in weekly touch-base calls. Please find below the key outcomes:
• Successfully running Crawling application since 2008
• Successfully running Sourcing project (auto download AR) with 40,000+ financial documents
• Developed in-house applications that save up to 70% of production cost for Crawling and Sourcing projects

Semi-Automated Application Screens: