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7 Benefits that companies benefit from Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping is considered to be an excellent customer service and marketing tool for companies. This is for one clear reason, i.e. this program provides the business with clear information about their position in the market and opportunities to improve. The quality of the information that the mystery shopping program can extract is just unbeatable. Here are a few benefits that companies benefit from […] Read more

12 Ways on how you can exceed customer experience

Today the top priority for organizations is to improve the level of customer experience and use this as a key competitive differentiator. A better customer experience helps organizations improve their brand loyalty and keep up with today’s multi-channel customers. Here are Top 12 ways on how you can improve and exceed the customer experience – […] Read more


BPaaS As A Key Enabler For Tomorrow’s Companies

Presently, focusing on core competencies has become the aim of many organizations, and the most vital thing is to focus on solutions that streamline processes. To smoothen this process, automation of a number of processes through programs on proprietary platforms is done. The efficient implementation and maintenance of these platforms often demand heavy infrastructure and […] Read more

Nov, 23, 2015



Mystery Shopping Can Earn You Essential Business Insights

Companies use Mystery shopping to measure the quality of service, and the overall experience of the everyday customer. However, this concept of mystery shopping is not new. In ancient times, kings were known to mask themselves as commoners and mingle with the common people to find out the correct information about what people think about […] Read more


Adapt to Changing Markets and Don’t Let Your Business Go Extinct

Do you want to pride yourself in being referred to as a dinosaur? Think again! Across many industries, large organizations have failed and gone extinct due to a lack of agility to adapt to changes in market dynamics; they considered themselves too big to fail or immune to market changes. Whether it is the lack […] Read more

Oct, 20, 2015