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5 easy strategies to win over your competitor with web monitoring

The old saying “Know your enemies, even better than your friends” still prevails because in battle, knowing your enemy’s strategies and next moves provides the ability to launch a preemptive strike or at least to plan counter strategies for their next move on the battlefield. Though we are not practically on the battlefield the comparison […] Read more

Three Key Approaches To Competitive Intelligence

The action of collecting, delineating, learning and distributing intelligence related to competitors, products, customers and any other side of the business environment required for the managerial and strategic decision-making process is known as Competitive intelligence. CI also includes improving the competitiveness of the organization relative to its complete environment and stakeholders. Let’s discuss the three […] Read more

7 Things you should be aware of your competitor to be industry topper!

To be an industry topper one of the most important aspects is knowing everything you can about your competition. This runs the full gamut from knowing their branding and marketing tactics to how they compensate employees and manage their business. Simply knowing who your competitors are, is not sufficient though it is also a most vital aspect. […] Read more

Four Steps That Constitute The Cycle Of Competitive Intelligence

The process of collecting, examining and distributing the information relating to competitors, products, customers and any other aspect of the business landscape is known as Competitive intelligence. This information is imperative for those who are involved in the strategic decision-making process for the business. Competitive intelligence is one of the most important keys to improve […] Read more

Different Types of Information Resources Every Business Needs

Information is the key to success for every business. It is important that every business knows the different types of information resources which they can use; because by exercising the power of information, businesses can evaluate their current performance and plan their future progress. To fuel success every business needs a variety of information resources, […] Read more

How to utilize web monitoring your competitor as your ladder to stay ahead in competition

Do you think your competitors as potential enemies? However, it is not something we would like to encourage you to go on with, rather than that, we would like to focus your attention on how to utilize web monitoring your competitor as your ladder to stay ahead in the competition. That too on a regular basis. Here is […] Read more

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