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Three Key Approaches To Competitive Intelligence

The action of collecting, delineating, learning and distributing intelligence related to competitors, products, customers and any other side of the business environment required for the managerial and strategic decision-making process is known as Competitive intelligence. CI also includes improving the competitiveness of the organization relative to its complete environment and stakeholders. Let’s discuss the three […] Read more

5 Essential Market Intelligence Techniques

When it comes to gathering data, the evolution of the Internet has made things very easy for the business isn’t it? Talking about the general information that businesses need, i.e. competitors, market trends, industry or new product development – such information is just a few clicks away. While top level industry information is easily available […] Read more

How To Find Your Ideal Customers With Target Market Analysis

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or planning to further grow your current business, one thing you need to know is who your customers are and how to attract them. Do you think your business has any chance to survive if you have no customers? Certainly not! But where do you think you […] Read more

Why Is Defining A Target Market Important?

What is Target Market? Well to put in simple words, target market is that customer base which a particular business targets directly with their products or services. These are those consumers who have a need for something that the business has to offer. So it becomes important to figure out effective ways to appeal this […] Read more

Competitive Intelligence Helps To Gain Competitive Edge Over Rivals, Here Is How

Competitive Intelligence is a purposeful and coordinated way to monitor the competitor’s of a business. CI helps new business or those who are looking out for a competitive edge for their existing business to gain a business advantage. The goals of CI include discriminating potential business risks and opportunities and also enabling faster reaction to […] Read more

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