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Customer Experience Is Much More Than Customer Satisfaction

Before understanding the difference between customer experience and customer satisfaction, let us first understand what both these terms mean. Customer Experience can be broadly defined as the sum of all the experiences a customer has with a business across every touch-point. And on the other hand, Customer Satisfaction measures the degree of satisfaction a customer […] Read more

Formulating A Customer Experience Measurement Strategy Made Easy

Are you one among those business owners looking to measure and improve your customer experience? Well, the first step to this would be to formulate a customer experience measurement strategy. This strategy, if executed properly would provide you with the opportunity to ensure that your set standards are met – if not exceed. And, what […] Read more

Debunked 5 Myths About Customer Experience

Most of us tell ourselves myths to survive. Like the societies, even businesses create their own mythologies to make sense to the world. Time and again there are many myths about customer experience which come up. And these myths help businesses deal with the uncertainty of the marketplace. But the actual truth about customer experience […] Read more

10 tips to drastically improve your customer experience are mentioned here

Customer experience is simply interactions between a customer and an organization throughout their business relationship.┬áThese interactions are vital components in defining if your customer is happy with your service or not. The happier customers are with a brand, the longer they stay with them. Customer experience leaves your customer with a sweet memory and a […] Read more