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Here are top 7 ways to improve your earnings with mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a fun job even though many shoppers have a myth that their earnings are not satisfied. But they forget the fact that mystery shoppers get paid by the job, not by the hour. They have a benefit of not being depended on any boss or manager to increase the hourly rate. Mystery […] Read more

How to use a White Paper as a marketing tool

Believe it or not, today’s businessmen and women love white papers. The reason being, a white paper can be effectively used as a marketing tool for your business. However, it is important to know all its features and important points before you think of using a white paper as a marketing tool. And believe us, […] Read more


Blog as a driving tool for generating leads – Here is how to write a blog

Researches have shown that Organizations with a company blog generate 70% more lead than those who doesn’t really have a blog. Doesn’t matter which industry or trade you may belong to, publishing blogs about your product / service or industry is something that you cannot afford a miss. Hence, with blogging almost a necessity these days, […] Read more


It’s time to outsource your work

While running a business, you come across several difficulties and challenges. The challenges can be anything from generating leads, finding a client, planning the work, hiring the right talent, training your staff for various tasks, managing your business and financial documents or managing your data. The list doesn’t end here. Increased work pressure can sometimes […] Read more

Oct, 08, 2015



Avoid these 5 mistakes when outsourcing your work

While you are running your business and all the operation related to it smoothly; at times you feel to outsource your work. It can be any reason; increased workload, lack of in-house experts or failure of multitasking; you may feel the need to outsource at least some tasks. However, whenever you start thinking about it […] Read more

Oct, 08, 2015



Importance of Competitive Intelligence

The concept of Competitive Intelligence or CI is now catching up fast in the corporate world. People have started to incorporate Competitive Intelligence in their business model; and thus in turn, in their business strategies. However, before you try various marketing strategies and change your business models based on that; you should first understand the […] Read more

Oct, 05, 2015



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