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Recognize The Top Functions Of Marketing

Across the globe, the main goal of every business owner is to make money by the way of selling their products or services. But what they don’t realize that there are actually some really important functions of marketing which span everything starting from distribution to pricing. Keeping this important factor in mind, let us discuss […] Read more

7 Benefits that companies benefit from Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping is considered to be an excellent customer service and marketing tool for companies. This is for one clear reason, i.e. this program provides the business with clear information about their position in the market and opportunities to improve. The quality of the information that the mystery shopping program can extract is just unbeatable. Here are a few benefits that companies benefit from […] Read more

8 Facts That Prove Online Surveys Are Still Very Much Needed

Conducting online surveys has been a great way to reach and engage with the target audience for many business firms and researchers. It helps them to increase the response rates by reaching the target audience faster, conduct market research at a fraction of the usual cost and get real-time results for quick and easy analysis. […] Read more

Mar, 12, 2016



Importance of case studies as a marketing tool for your business

We often hear the term ‘case studies’ and how they are being effectively used as a marketing tool. However, we often fall short to understand, why case studies are so important for any business to grow. Here is a short blog that exhibits some key points regarding importance of case studies as a marketing tool […] Read more

Sep, 16, 2015