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Six Basic Requisites For Achieving Results Through Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping or secret shopping is a research tool that involves posing as a regular customer to measure the quality of the customer service provided by a business. The findings of this study are reported back and used in many different ways to improve services. This tool excellently measures the quality of customer service from […] Read more

4 tips how to use mystery shopping program as a tool for competitive research

In today’s customer-centric environment, understanding how each of your stores is performing is one thing, but when your biggest competition is upping the game you should be in the know. The concept of survival of the fittest is no more, into existence now, but it is the survival of most informed. What can be a […] Read more

4 Idyllic Objectives Of A Mystery Shopping Program

Most of the businesses these days plan to devote some money and resources to improve its Customer Experience; they do this by implementing an effective mystery shopping program. But do you even realize what this program should actually be measured? While the results of mystery shopping can be different for each and every business, the overall […] Read more

Difference Between Mystery Shopping And Customer Feedback

Both mystery shopping and customer surveys provide the business with a certain amount of feedback. Even then, these both are very much different from each other in terms of how they operate and also the functions they can provide for your business. Let’s understand the difference between mystery shopping and customer feedback. Customer Satisfaction Surveys Reach […] Read more

Here Are Answers To 5 Most Common Mystery Shopping FAQs

We all know that the most common and of course important reason for conducting a mystery shopping exercise, is to see the business through the eyes of the customer. Keeping aside the benefits this program brings along with it, there are many questions which float around the user’s mind. Today we make an effort to […] Read more

Crucial Steps Involved In Creating An Effective Mystery Shop Program

Are you seriously considering on implementing a mystery shop program for your company? If yes then get ready to reap the benefits it will bring along with it. Some of them being to gain a perspective into your customers’ experiences, measure your company’s proficiency delivering memorable customer experiences and gaining the ability to focus on […] Read more

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