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It’s Time to Take Bad Customer Service Seriously

Bad customer service is one of the fastest ways for a business to lose its valuable customers. No business is 100% perfect when it comes to giving excellent customer service, there would be few tough times too. Bad customer service is one of the biggest things holding business back today, this is costing them revenue. […] Read more

Want To Make Most Of Your Mystery Shopping Program? Here Is How

 One of the most difficult things for the business is to find out accurate information about how well their stores are generating the experience customers are looking for. Mystery Shopping can be one of the best ways in which the business can measure their strategies from the customer’s point-of-view. Today we shall discuss the top […] Read more

Planning To Discuss Mystery Shopping Report With Employees, Here Are 6 Ways

The mystery shopping report is truly a treasure full of priceless information. There are different owners of the mystery shopping report, and all these users use this information in many different ways to squeeze out the benefits.   The most important plus factor of the mystery shopping report is that all these information as from […] Read more

Understand Mystery Shopping: What It Is And What It Is Not

End numbers of organisations are actively using the Mystery Shopping tool to measure their service levels which they have put in place. The Mystery Shopping tool is excellent to ensure, if the customer service team is being in general friendly and also making use of things like questioning techniques, cross-selling, and offering the corporate CRM […] Read more

5 Common Problems With Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping programs, when planned and executed properly has the power to not only test for the presence of service behaviors, but also identify which sales and service behaviors are the most important. These behaviors matters the most for the organisation as it can either drive the purchase intent or customer loyalty. But despite of planning a […] Read more

Excellent Customer Service Skills In Employees Is Indispensable For Good Business

The most important thing a business can do to improve their relationship with their customers is to improve their customer service. One thing that the business needs to always keep in mind is that customers always the direct interaction they have with the business. So it doesn’t really matter how good or great your product […] Read more

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