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Great Customer Experience Is Directly Linked To Great Employee Experience, Here Is How

As we always say, creating good customer experience is the prime focus of each and every organisation. But many businesses tend to concentrate only on the customers when they actually are passionate about customer experience, but that is a wrong approach. The reason why we call it wrong is because great customer experience is just […] Read more

Excellent Customer Service Is The Heart Of Every Business

It is six times more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing one, this is one reason each and every business strives hard to provide each of their customers with excellent customer service. No wonder it is considered to be the heart of a business. With excellent customer service the business […] Read more

Ideas To Squeeze Out Maximum Benefit From Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is considered to be an excellent customer service and marketing tool. This is for one clear reason, i.e. this program provides the business with clear information on frontline employees that too within a very short time. The quality of the information that the mystery shopping programme can extract is just unbeatable. Considering the […] Read more

Mystery Shopping Is Often Perceived As Negative, 5 Myths Dispelled

The mystery shopping tool is often perceived as negative, the reason is its complexity. The world misunderstands this tool irrespective of the indubitable benefits it can bring in with it, like customer service improvement, employee engagement and customer retention. It’s time to dispel 5 most common myths about Mystery Shopping. Stay tuned Dispelling 5 Common […] Read more

How To Use Mystery Shopping Reports To Help Employees To Succeed

Do you know the mystery shopping report is a treasure of priceless information? Be it the managers or the owners different parties use this information in different ways to drive a variety of benefits. The mystery shopping reports help to spot any flaws in the quality of the customer experience. It also helps to identify […] Read more

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