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Here are top 7 ways to improve your earnings with mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a fun job even though many shoppers have a myth that their earnings are not satisfied. But they forget the fact that mystery shoppers get paid by the job, not by the hour. They have a benefit of not being depended on any boss or manager to increase the hourly rate. Mystery […] Read more

Applying for Mystery shopping job? Here are tips on writing sample!

Are you applying for mystery shopping job? Welcome to the world filled with fun and mystery! Every mystery shopper has to write a report about observations made in the shop. That is why one of the mandatory step implied by every mystery shopping company in the application process is to present them with the writing […] Read more

Reveal Shop – What it is and what are the tips to be pondered upon before starting one!!

Isn’t the most fun part of secret shopping is keeping the entire program top secret? It’s a lot like being an undercover detective with an important mission. So, what happens when you are asked to give yourself away and confess your identity on the job? I agree with what you would say that mystery shoppers are […] Read more

Here are 10 tips how a successful mystery shopper can help the editor

When a mystery shopper submits the report, it will be reviewed by an editor. The editor will not only review the report for proofreading, but there is much more to an editor’s job. The editor makes sure that the mystery shopper report is completed on time, is as per the guidelines, and contains all the […] Read more

How can prospect secret shoppers avoid Mystery shopping scam?

Mystery shopping has gained huge momentum recently. More since it is a great and fun way to earn extra money. It sounds like a bit of a dream or even too good to be true. Perhaps, this is the reason a potential mystery shopper can get scammed easily. Mystery shopping is a realistic industry. You […] Read more

5 General Customer Types Your Business Should Understand

Customers as we know are the lifeblood of every business. The existence of every business is based on its customer base. Well the reason is pretty simple; who would your business provide sales and services to? I know you sure got it now. Understanding customers is a tough task; let me help you start with […] Read more

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