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The top 3 methods to measure your customer experience

Improving the customer experience cannot be a guessing game. There are methods you can use to benchmark and improve the experience for your customers, guide your customer experience strategy and create happier, more loyal customers. But there are myriad choices of customer experience measurement available and how can you know which one is the best for […] Read more

Stop Believing These Social Media Monitoring Myths

With so many different social networks popping up daily and multiple monitoring platforms, social media monitoring has become even more challenging. Social Media is like huge and thinking where to start from can be very tricky. When it comes to social media monitoring, there are end number of myths floating around which make it difficult […] Read more

Social Listening; Here Is Why You Need It

So, do you monitor what people say about you online? Do you know this information can help you enhance your business? Social listening can help you gather insights about your customers, prospects, products, competitors and other topics of interest. Still thinking why you need to monitor the social media? Here are 6 reasons. Why Social […] Read more

Mentioned here are innovative approaches to online research

A research medium that has ever undergone innovation and experimentation is surely the World Wide Web. It offers the researchers an easy access to the whole universe of potential consumers. Most importantly, it presents a ready canvas to paint ideas in a constantly expanding variety and a cheap and effective way of adapting concepts and […] Read more

Different Ways To Use Competitor Monitoring

So why should you track your competitors? There are enough reasons for you to track the competition. When it comes to formulating a perfect business strategy, there are a number of external forces which directly impact it. Be it the consumers, suppliers, or the competitors all have a huge impact on the business strategy. Hence, […] Read more

4 Different Metrics On Social Media You Should Be Monitoring

Social media is one of the most valuable tools available for building personal relationships with the audience. Apart from that this tool can also help businesses to increase their revenues, reach, and overall ROI. Monitoring Social Media is vital for every business, so what have you been tracking? Your Fans, Followers, or Like counts? Is […] Read more

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