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Spotted As A Mystery Shopper? Here Is What You Should Do

Despite hard efforts, there may be a possibility to be spotted as the mystery shopper. The reasons can differ, may be because of something you or a companion does, or it may because of certain shop requirements which somehow makes it clear that you are the mystery shopper. While chances are less that you would […] Read more

A Broad Mystery Shopping Checklist to Aid Shoppers

Mystery shopping is a very popular part-time job for many people. Countless businesses hire mystery shoppers to evaluate their company’s customer service. As a mystery shopper, top-notch or beginner, you need have attention to detail. Here we bring for you a broad mystery shopping checklist to aid you in your job. Mystery Shopping Checklist 1.Check […] Read more

Top 3 Benefits Of Becoming A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping does bring in loads of advantages for the business. It helps them get insights on how their customer experience actually is, that too from a customer’s perspective. While mystery shopping offers many benefits to the business, it also offers many advantages to the shoppers too. Thinking how? Read on to find it out. […] Read more

Here are top 4 tips to write concise narratives for mystery shopping report

 Are you a mystery shopper? Do you think of your reports as ‘spilling the info’ about what you observed; just hitting the keys on your keyboard with your thoughts doesn’t necessarily provide our clients with a comprehensible report? We’ve all heard the saying, “Less is more.” But is that really true when it comes to a […] Read more

Here are 10 tips how a successful mystery shopper can help the editor

When a mystery shopper submits the report, it will be reviewed by an editor. The editor will not only review the report for proofreading, but there is much more to an editor’s job. The editor makes sure that the mystery shopper report is completed on time, is as per the guidelines, and contains all the […] Read more

What Impacts Customer Experience? Here Are Top 5 Factors

Customer experience without a doubt is an integral part of Customer Relationship Management. It is very important for a business to ensure that their customer has a positive experience with their business because only this ensures brighter chances for them to become a repeat and loyal customer. While all businesses try to stand out from […] Read more

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