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Internal And External Revenue Cycle Drivers

Revenue cycle is just not about submitting and tracking medical claims. But in real the revenue cycle in medical billing actually comprises of end number of steps, starting from a patient making an appointment, to the point where there is zero balance on that patient’s account. The medical billing process involves, crucial task at the […] Read more

Tips To Fix Errors In Medical Billing Before They Happen

The easiest way to speed up the revenue cycle is to submit a clean claim without any errors in the first go itself. Well prevention is probably the easiest way to increase claim payments. It is immensely important to be proactive when employees handle medical claims. Here are top tips to consider which can help […] Read more

7 Reasons Why Medical Billing Claims Get Rejected

Every healthcare provider strives hard to appoint medical billers who are excellent in their job, isn’t it? Well this is for one selfish reason and that is to ensure their staff work accurately on the daily claims and further speed up the billing process to ensure uninterrupted cash flows for the business. Well no matter […] Read more