The top 3 methods to measure your customer experience

The top 3 methods to measure your customer experience

Improving the customer experience cannot be a guessing game. There are methods you can use to benchmark and improve the experience for your customers, guide your customer experience strategy and create happier, more loyal customers. But there are myriad choices of customer experience measurement available and how can you know which one is the best for your organization? Here are the top 3 methods to measure your customer experience and to gain an understanding of their use, their benefits and their viability in your world.

The top three methods to measure your customer experience 


Mystery shopping

Overview:  Name them as mystery shoppers or secret shoppers or undercover, the crux is that they appear as different persons viz., customers, members, visitors, patients, patrons, etc. to experience and report this experience to the organization. Mystery shop works in a defined format like interactions are scheduled so they deliver results consistently, based on schedule frequency, and the shop form is created to measure specific areas based on client needs. Mystery shopping is one of the best methods to measure the customer experience by themselves becoming the one.

What is special? It allows for the capture of quantitative and qualitative information. Whatever may be the experience positive or negative or anywhere in between results will be out surely. The most beneficial fact is that scenarios are realistic and relevant, and while shoppers are not necessarily truly customers, they are still able to report factual results.

Viability? Mystery shops are often used to measure service quality, regulatory compliance, workforce development, or specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers are highly trained to maintain a detached and unbiased perspective. Therefore, the data provided by them are factual and true.

surveyOnline survey

Overview:  Customers are given a survey form on which questions are mentioned. Customers are expected to answer these questions to rate customer experience with your organization. Questions can be in quantitative or qualitative or in both forms or may be in narrative form. Specific questions can be asked to focus on current promotions, observed behaviors or areas on which the organization would like feedback. These surveys are mostly in electronic form.

What is special? Surveys can be conducted in various ways. Surveys solicit true customer experience. there is generally no incentive for a customer to report on the average or expected experience.

Viability? Customer satisfaction surveys are all about opinion—and often, the opinion is a very strong one. These are real customers telling you what they really feel and in their own words.


Social Media monitoring

Overview:  Social listening tools are one of the best methods to track each and everyone’s reference, positive and negative comments and specific items of actionable feedback regarding an organization, product, service, etc. This data is collected together, for better understanding; you can be proactive to react to it or to be part of the chatter happening on social channels to understand the customer’s experience with your organization.

What is special? It presents an excellent opportunity to gather qualitative data and report on quantitative numbers such as “number of positive mentions” across a time frame. You can have customers view directly in their own language. Not only this, but it even provides access to actual photos posted by customers which can be utilized to determine improvement or celebration efforts.

Viability? Organizations that already have a strong social media presence, or are interested in building one will benefit greatly from this approach. A Web-monitoring it is an effective method to get a measure of public opinion regarding your brand.

The above-mentioned methods are the top ones that will surely help you understand the customer experience. But it requires a complete dedication and even well-trained personnel to carry out these tasks. Outsourcing mystery shopping services, customer-satisfaction survey and social-media monitoring to a well-known organization is a better option. iSN Global Solutions is a provider of all of these services and much more under one roof. Web monitoring, competitor analysis, market researchmystery shopping and various other services are just a few of them. Get in touch with isn to measure customer experience and stay ahead in the competition.

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