5 Ways To Increase IT Sales With A Virtual Assistant

5 Ways To Increase IT Sales With A Virtual Assistant

What is the most important thing to get more sales? Well its simple, you need to get more eyes on your business, which means spread greater awareness. Marketing the business in one form or another is very important to create its awareness among the potential customers. Businesses strive continuously to create awareness for attracting new customers or to retain the loyalty of the existing customers. Word-of-mouth referrals, social media or entering business competitions are some of the famous methods used. The main idea is to increase your market presence in whatever form, which will result in increasing the sales of the business.

But these days, due to lack of time, marketing has become a difficult task. This is when a Virtual Assistant comes as a life saver:

Virtual Assistant

Why a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant is basically a professional service provider, who possess required skills and many even offer marketing as a service. A dedicated virtual assistant can be really beneficial for the business; as this industry professional has years of experience within the different types of industry. Further, you also get to work with someone who actually becomes a brand ambassador for your business.

With increase in sales, you can even expand the team of VAs, who can further promote your business. The team of VAs share your goals and promote your company; they also provide a professional voice for your business via telephone, email or online chat. The customers appreciate an attentive assistance for all their queries from a dedicated team. Thanks to the virtual assistants, they do not need to deal with a call centre or larger face-less corporation.

Virtual Assistant’s help to Increase Sales – Here are 5 ways

Virtual assistant

  1. Create greater awareness among customers: As mentioned earlier, one of the most important factors that help increase sales is by creating awareness among potential and existing customers. Here is when a Virtual Assistant can help the business, as they create greater awareness of your business. How? Well they do it through social media; they make you visible to many more people. VAs use platforms which are the most appropriate for your business; they post updates and share information which is most relevant and effective online. Further, they also research on the business competitions, networking events and trade events which are relevant to the industry and geographical area.
  1. Create an online presence: Businesses face tough competition these days. The one which survives is the one who has the potential and stands out from the crowd. Virtual Assistant can help you become different from the others. VA’s can help you create your companies profile which are different from your competitors and speak in your company’s voice. This helps to attract the right type of interest and customers that you would want to work with. Apart from creating such profiles they also help you maintain them and keep them up to date, by posting regular updates and maintain consistency and relevance across your online presence.
  1. Create relevant content: Virtual Assistant helps to produce effective and relevant content which helps you to engage the interest of customers who are aware of your business and further start to build relationships with them. Creating content is a time consuming task, it can be of different types and use, like for your website copy, blog or a free downloadable guide, or may be a PDF brochure which showcases samples of your work and which you attach to your emailed quotations. Such time consuming yet creative task can be delegated to the VA’s while you can complete other important task.

Virtual Assistant

  1. Provide prompt response to customer: It is very important in the IT industry, that you develop a relationship with your customer and earn their trust before they are happy to buy from you. Customers demand quick response on their queries, replying to each and every customer can be a time heavy process. A Virtual Assistant can help you with replying to blog comments and comments made on the social media. They can also monitor the sales inbox where you can have them reply with standardized answers. Providing a prompt response to the customer inquiries and comments adds to your potential customers feeling of trust and thereby increases the chances of you making a sale.
  1. Encourage customer service: Increasing the sales figure is just not about reaching new customers, but also retaining the existing ones. VA’s help in increasing and encouraging customer service by ensuring you provide a professional and timely response to any queries. They also initiate new methods of increasing communication with the existing customers. This helps to keep the customers aware of the entire product/service range and any special promotions.

Virtual Assistant helps to save a lot of your energy which can be spent on things which are more important. The right business Virtual Assistant who is skilled and experienced also has a proven track record, can become a key to help you unlock your company’s sales potential.

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