Demographics Of The Child Census Report

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Accurately determining various demographics of children in UP state, India. These massive Child Census records were already keyed in, but inaccurately. The aim was to find the gaps and digitize the records to populate a database for further presentation to government authorities to take specific actions on educational schemes.

Client Problems

The records were inaccurately entered or non-existent and at a premature stage, ltd transferred the project to another service provider from us due to cost pressures. The other cheaper options of a service provider didn’t do an appropriate job because of which ltd again approached iSN Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd to do a thorough job.

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

iSN identified gaps in the data that was captured in the physical format. We also built a database with all the data we got and put it in a format that could be edited when necessary. As a 2 step verification iSN compared all the physical forms with the forms in our database.

Final Results?

Our team at iSN got exposure to building a large digitized database. Automation tools were also implemented by iSN to capture all the data and/or ease the workflow. Also maintaining 98.95% accuracy.

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