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Perfect information (PI) has built a database of 60,000 companies listed from the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) Index. Their database had the Scanned Annual Reports (AR) of these 60,000 companies. PI also has a global leading clientele in the investment banking space who access these scanned Images of the Annual Reports (AR) for their financial research and analysis.

What Were The Client Problems?

The source of information to the clients being in an image format requires further processing to have utility for making financial forecasts and analysis. The clients lost interest as the usage involved rework to be done on the document (AR).

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

We Treat the AR documents and convert them into text-based searchable records. Making these AR’s available on a searchable database. Financial information from the tables in the AR is further made available in an excel sheet for instant analysis and forecasting to end clients.

Final Results?

We provided them with all financial information available in an editable format. We introduced the drag and drop feature to enhance the process of financial analysis. Financial Information was provided in a ready excel format to ease them with reports like Trend. This lead to, exposure to analytics in the financial domain. Automation in the key areas of the process Highlighted key skills of the team to maintain more than 95% accuracy.

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