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Lead Generation & Brand Recall


Business Productivity Platform

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Director of Sales & Operations


April 2019


Our clients were looking out to generate leads for their product. Our focus was to get more subscribers to purchase the SAAS based product and reduce the CPLs.

What Were The Clients Problems?

Our clients wanted us to generate leads for potential buyers in the early stages of their research cycle & to a nurtured audience targeting test drives.

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

We had to come up with focused targeting options for platforms like Facebook and Google to generate more traffic to their landing page, designed and developed by us. We optimized all our ad campaigns and rigorously generated leads for the brand so that they can provide demo sessions of the product and talk to interested leads who would become a paying subscriber of the product.

What Were The Final Results?

Generated 183 leads and achieved CPLs of USD 33.

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