Transcending Cross Border Logistics Brand With Google Ads

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Cross Border Ecommerce Logistics Brand

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September 2018


As we always say, every doubt isn’t a problem, so was the case here. The doubt was if finding the target audience would be problematic. So we did a scientific study of the market and optimized the campaign to achieve the desired results.

What Were The Clients Problems?

They were looking out to cater to vendors who typically ship products internationally from India. That’s a very niche audience and hence finding a relevant audience to send couriers internationally seemed like a challenge.

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

We used Google Ads to solve the client’s problem statement. We used Google Search, Display ads to achieve this feat. We showcased the core USPs of the brand’s courier service to ensure higher CTRs as compared to the competition.

What Were The Final Results?

  • Generated 775+ Leads in 3 months
  • Improved the Conversion Rate by 21.6% on our landing page in 3 months and achieved a ROAS of 5 at the end of 3 months.
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    We essentially understand your problems and tailor strategies that best fit your needs, to optimize for the highest performance, backed by data-driven analysis.

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