By Omkar Waghmare | 2nd July 2021

5 simple ways to improve brand awareness

As a brand owner or marketer, one’s biggest goal is to increase brand awareness. But what does brand awareness imply? Let’s find out!

Brand awareness refers to how people see the brand, how well do they identify it and recall it. Increasing your brand awareness increases your scope of being on top of your customer’s minds. Brand awareness is a broader goal as compared to tangible goals such as engagement rate, likes, or followers.

It is essential to work on improving your brand awareness as it creates better recall, understanding, loyalty and comfort towards your brand. With competitors increasing in every industry at a fast rate, it is essential to make your mark to stand out from the crowd. People will likely buy products from a brand they have known and heard about rather than buying from a competitor brand that they know nothing about.

First, let us understand the benefits of each approach.

1. Start guest blogging

It’s common to start off as an unknown or a lesser-known brand, but a little help goes a long way. Do some research and look out for popular websites or blogs with a personality that matches your brand’s. Collaborate with them and feature your blogs on their platform. This will give you a new audience base and the other brands a fresh perspective. Select your platform wisely based on the morals, reach and engagement quality of the collaborated brand.

2. Create shareable content

Is your brand relatable? If not, how do you make your content relatable to keep people hooked? Most brands miss our targeting their target audience while creating content. The goal here is just to create content to showcase your brand presence on various platforms. However, brand awareness has never increased this way. One must focus on creating shareable, value-added content that people would love to consume. How do you make a software product’s page on Instagram interesting and immersive is the art of content marketing.

3. Invest in SEO

People use Google for every minor inconvenience, search, or doubt. What if your brand popped up among the top few results when a customer is looking for a relevant product? This is possible when you keep your SEO game strong throughout the year. Improve your SEO with more user-friendly content and keywords that are commonly searched on the internet.

4. Run paid marketing campaigns

You might be currently running 1 or 2 campaigns per year, but that is not enough. Paid marketing campaigns need to be continuously monitored and modified as per the consumer’s behavior, seasons, and festivities. When a person searches for a product online and sees your advertisement later on social media, they are likely to notice you and would want to know more about the brand. This is a great technique to improve brand awareness and stay on your customer’s minds at all times.

5. Use referrals and offers

If your customer A loves your product and service, he/she is more likely to refer it to friends B & C if they will receive an incentive in return. This keeps your customers loyal to your brand. Moreover, people are always on the lookout for offers and if you run these offers frequently, people will actively check out your page for updates.

With this, we have wrapped up our top 5 ways to improve brand awareness through digital marketing. For more information on how you can utilize our services for your brand, get in touch with us today at iSN!

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