By David Rekar | September 2021

How to run a successful lead generation campaign

What's a common challenge for companies and freelancers? Finding a continuous stream of clients who are ready to pay you your worth for your services. On top of that if they are quality leads the business doesn’t suffer because traffic doesn’t equal quality leads every time.

How to get a continuous stream of quality clients? The answer is a Lead generation campaign! But you may ask,

Acquire your domain

Generating leads from a campaign is a short definition of a "Lead Generation Campaign". It is achieved through gaining the trust of your target audience by providing them with something valuable in exchange for their trust to give you an email/contact number.

The valuable content may act as a lead magnet. It can be a free webinar that explains your product or service or an ebook that gives information about the industry that may benefit them in knowledge or experience.

If you are in a SaaS business you can provide a free trial of your software that will help your target audience save time or money. In this way, they will find it way harder to get off the free trial once it ends and may possibly be more likely to buy a subscription.

How to run a lead generation campaign successfully?

1. Plan an objective

You can’t achieve all the metrics and score 100 in everything, lead generation is not only for sales there are different objectives that can be achieved through a successful lead generation campaign as follows -

  • Subscribers
  • Registrants
  • Trials
  • Sales,/
  • Conversion rate
  • A specific number of leads
  • Revenue per lead
2. RPO formula

RPO stands for Research, Plan, and Offer. This is a very important formula for your lead generation campaign.

Research your target audience! You can’t generate quality leads if you don’t target your audience effectively!

Plan your content according to your target audience research. So the content can act as a lead magnet.

Offer - Create an irresistible offer for your audience so that they sign up for the offer.

3. Promotion and Analysis

If you choose all your channels of marketing to be organic, it’s your decision but to have an ultra-targeted approach based on the client avatar you have built; you can promote your content by Facebook and Google ads.

An analysis is an important factor in your lead generation campaign’s success. Check your insights and figure out what’s working and double down on it. Check what’s not working and improve on it.

The copy, design experience, and value proposition are some of the important factors that will affect sign-up rates and bounce rates.

4. Lead, Nurture, and Close!

The last step to your successful lead generation campaign is to Lead, Nurture and Close. Lead in this context is Lead score, how likely is this lead going to be converted into a customer?

You can test them by sending them emails collected previously from the offer. There are high chances that most if not less will only be interested in the lead magnet that you have provided for free.

Send them a questionnaire and analyze their answers, make a score sheet, and close deals with high scorers. The people who have not scored well but it’s satisfactory; keep them in the pipeline to nurture them by sending sequence emails and close them later on!

These points will not only help you run a successful lead generation campaign but will also serve as a beacon for future marketing campaigns.

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