By Omkar Waghmare | 12th July 2021

How to build a reliable business presence on social media

Make the most of social media to grow your business and make your presence count with these simple and effective guidelines!

What is the point of being on social media if your brand isn’t gaining from it? Gaining not just in numbers but in terms of connections and new relationships with your customers.

If your reason for having a social media brand account is to catch up with your competitors or keep up with the hype of having your presence on these platforms then it’s time to rethink. Social media, just like any other traditional marketing practice, needs planning and strategizing. Without it in place, you are likely to see stagnancy on your page at some point.

An increase in the number of followers and likes won’t happen overnight. But investing your time in building a reliable business presence on social media can help you get closer to the numbers each day. Here is how you can start this journey right away:

1. Define your goal

Like we said earlier, your purpose of being on social media should be established in the first place. Once you find the answer to why your brand must be on social media, it will be easier to determine a goal for your business. For example, if your brand caters to the younger generation, having an Instagram account would make more sense. The goal could be to achieve a 10% increase in engagement each month. Setting the goal can help you track your progress and always keep an eye on the direction of your marketing efforts.

2. Study your audience

Before your begin posting, it is essential to determine your target audience. Your content on social media should be heavily targeted towards them which means, you’ll have a direction while building your page for the audience. Moreover, as a brand on social media, you must also do thorough research about the likes and dislikes, hobbies and type of content consumption of your target audience. This can be done using analytical tools that give you automated data of your audience.

3. Work on building a community

Do you just want followers and likes on your page or do you want to build a community that loves engaging with your brand? Think about having 1M followers of which only 10% engage with your content and on the other side having 100 followers who actively engage with your content. What would you prefer? Speak to your audience directly, become their solution provider, start conversations, make it evident that you are listening to them by replying or reposting their concerns.

4. Have a plan

Strategizing your social media presence goes a long way. The first step is to make a content calendar. Pre-plan your posts and target the most important days of the month. Align your content with the upcoming events or your PR efforts. Posting on random days, inconsistently and at variable times won’t help you reach your goal. See when your audience is most active on the platform and plan your posting accordingly.

5. Add a human touch

Last but not least, make it personal. One of the many reasons why social media marketing is preferred over traditional marketing is that brands now can directly communicate with their audience, unlike in the case of TVCs or Billboards. If you aren’t making full use of this benefit, you are losing out on good engagement. Feature real people, brand advocates, and employees to make your brand feel more approachable and reliable.

With this, we have covered the top 5 ways in which you can build a reliable business presence on social media. If you wish to learn more about digital marketing, read our blog today or get in touch with our experts at iSN today!

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