By Omkar Waghmare | August 2021

Why SMM is a Game-Changer for Your Business

How do you create a buzz around your brand among the target audience? Well, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the answer.

SMM leverages social media channels to promote your content, products, and services. It encourages your target audience to take a desired action such as buy, subscribe, sign up, follow, like, share, etc.

Given that 90% of marketers have been able to increase the exposure of their business and 75% have witnessed an increase in traffic with SMM, it is no surprise that it is becoming an indispensable element of digital marketing.

Let's tell you further why SMM is considered a game-changer for any business.

Target Audience Segmentation

SMM enables you to take the guesswork out of marketing and know your audience better. You can analyze social media data to segment your audience based on their buying behavior, demographics, and interests. You can use the buyer persona to create personalized marketing campaigns, acquire new prospects and explore new markets.

Two-Way Engagement

Unlike traditional marketing where brands dictate the narrative with the audience, SMM makes it possible to engage people in two-way, meaningful conversations. When audience comment, like, share or post a review on your social media post, you can respond to them to start a dialogue. This not only deepens the customer engagement but also brings a human touch and adds a personality to your brand. SMM helps you build a long-term relationship with the audience.

Visual Appeal

Did you know that people can retain 65% of information even three days later if it is paired with a relevant image? Needless to say, the visual appeal makes your brand message stand out from the crowd. You can use this fact to your advantage. SMM helps you to post images, infographics, videos, GIFs, and memes on social media platforms. You can captivate the audience's attention immediately and enhance the recall value of your brand.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

SMM is considered an indirect tool to increase search engine rankings and brand visibility. For example, if you create SEO-rich content, but don’t share it on social media, it’s not going to yield results. Then, there are social profiles of your brand which also matter in search engine rankings. A part of the target audience comes to know about your existence only through social media platforms and then visits your website to explore further. You can say that SMM is social SEO.

Performance Measurement with Analytics

The biggest benefit that SMM perhaps brings to your brand is its ability to measure the performance of your digital marketing campaigns. Various analytics tools provide a veritable mine of data on the progress of your marketing campaigns. You can also find out which social media platform is performing well and delivering a higher ROI. Accordingly, you can fine-tune the SMM strategy and meet your goals.

There is no doubt that SMM builds a trustworthy brand image and provides personalized experiences to customers. It’s about time to change your business game with SMM if you haven’t yet!

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