By David Rekar | 6th July 2021

Effective performance marketing strategies for businesses

Discover how to make optimum utilization of your business resources to enhance your marketing functions

Performance marketing is a subset of the digital marketing discipline wherein an advertiser only pays when a specific action is performed by the consumer.

The actions could range from a click, viewing the content, app download or even a complete purchase.

This is what primarily distinguishes performance marketing from other advertising models.

How to create efficient performance marketing strategies:

Any effective marketing plan should factor in the following strategies before kickstarting the campaign.

Dynamic remarketing

One of the biggest perks of using performance marketing is its ability to utilize data to personalize the user experience (UX). One such feature is dynamic remarketing. Through dynamic remarketing, businesses can utilize behavioral data of a customer to tailor the ads to suit them.

How to optimize dynamic remarketing for your business.

  • Give users a reason to revisit your website: Display the items that the customer is interested in through your remarketing strategy.
  • Utilize frequency caps: Set a frequency cap on your remarketing campaigns so there’s a limit on the number of times each customer will see your ads in a day.
Influencer marketing

The field of influencer marketing is more popular than ever before and used actively in social media campaigns in 2021. It's a budget-friendly way to reach the audience on social media. The onus of having an audience following rests purely on the influencer that the marketing campaign can benefit from.

How to create efficient influencer marketing strategies.

  • Monitor engagement rates: Effective social media management softwares can assist in organizing a social media audit to locate suitable influencers. It’s vital to gauge whether selected influencers will actually impact audience behavior.
  • Moving beyond Facebook: Many brands are evaluating Instagram as a new platform for influencer collaborations, up & coming platforms like Clubhouse are also gaining traction. Assess which platform suits you best, budget-wise and in terms of audience targeted.
Visual Search

Visual search essentially turns any phone camera into a visual discovery tool. It allows the user to simply point their smartphone camera at an object, letting the computer vision technology turn the object in question into an image search query.

How to use visual search efficiently.

  • Analyze frequently asked queries: Visual search allows the users to express their individuality. Hence, businesses should study the technology to understand the kind of results they can expect.
  • Organize your content: When a visual search engine identifies any objects, it proceeds to deliver pertinent results to serve and then to the end-user. Label your content with appropriate keywords and categorize them to help search engines easily identify it.

Performance marketing has transformed into a multi-faceted field of advertising. It now encompasses a variety of integrated and diverse creative fields and is fast-becoming the most preferred way to advertise online. Performance marketing will only grow to be more sophisticated as users receive access to more data and marketing analytics tools.

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