By Britney Pereira | 17th February 2021

Best B2B Email Marketing Examples

Email marketing was, is and is set to continue being one of the most effective ways for marketing. Since it lets you have one-to-one conversations and build long-term relations with your clients.

Email users from all walks of life check their account approximately 15-20 times a day.

According to me, email marketing is the lifeblood of any organization.

People choose email marketing because it is flexible and has an outstanding ROI. 72% of customers chose email as their main channel for business conversations.

What Is B2B Marketing?

As its name suggests, business-to-business marketing marks out the marketing of services and products from one business to other businesses.

B2B marketing contributes to creating the desired personas appropriate for their target audiences, and creates higher recall values. Even though you may think that the B2B market is not that sizable, truth be told, it is one of the biggest markets.

B2B markets are adopting email marketing for their sales pipeline using diverse digital formats, that include articles, case studies, websites, blogs, and videos.

How Does Email Marketing Influence B2B Marketing?

We do know and realize that B2B, interprets a discussion involving the marketing of products, services, and the propaganda between two or more business individuals. But how do we simplify the B2B approach to an email marketing strategy?

Of Course, It is important to understand the logic behind the purchases and services a client wants, but it is also important to maintain a relationship with your client.

You need to add a touch of personalization when you are dealing with other businesses so that you can build a relationship with them.

Regardless that blogs and social media have become greater portions of B2B marketing budgets; email marketing is still very cost-effective for lead generation efforts and to build a long-lasting relationship with a client.

A well-crafted email can help you break the ice and stay connected with your clients.

Here Are Examples

1. Welcome Email

A welcome email is mainly used to welcome your clients or a prospect into a company. A welcome email is the first email used to communicate with your clients or prospect.

2. New Features Email

A new features email is an email drafted by the organization telling you about all the new features and services that they are rolling out. This email gives all the prospects and clients a notion about the new features that will be added.

3. Getting Started Email

The "Let's Get Started" email is a crucial element of the on-boarding process. It is crafted to create the ultimate experience for the user. It creates a great experience and recall value. Also, it is one of the most efficient ways to on-board clients.

4. Free Client Services

It doesn’t matter how prosperous the business is, free things are always great, after all, they save the business more money! Offering clients or prospects with free services is a remarkable B2B email practice for higher engagement, recall value and future conversions.

5. End of the Year Email

The end of the year email is the most optimal time for you to make an abiding last impression on your clients. It is a good way to walk them through the accomplishments the company has achieved throughout the year. And get them excited about what is in store for them for next year.

6. Blog Newsletter

A blog newsletter is created to inform your clients about your new blog post and give them a glimpse of what you are talking about in your blog.

Your blog newsletter can be as creative as you want it to be or it can be a really simple newsletter.

7. Upcoming webinar email

Webinars are a great way to speak directly with your potential clients. Emails are a great way to promote webinars, you can give your clients a summary about what is going to happen in the webinar.

Webinars are a great way to venture your skill and engage with your clients who are waiting to make a sales purchase.

8. Update Email

You can use B2B emails to refresh your client’s memory about a service or statistics they have received from you. It is important to keep updating your clients about your services so that they can stay updated about everything that is happening in your company also relating to the latest trends.

9. Case Study Email

Case studies are of great value. As your clients continue to move further down the funnel, the importance of the case studies grows. It is a good way to show your clients how you can help them improve their business.

Bonus Insight:

I don’t know if you noticed these 2 things. Most of my email examples were only text with hyperlinks and extremely personalized, creating a conversational email.

We @iSN have noticed a major pivot in our click-through rates. It was nearly a 250% growth, compared to our lucrative designer emails.

Do try it out and share your experience with us. Looking forward to it.

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