By David Rekar | July 2021

Top 5 tools to analyze your performance marketing campaigns

Discover 5 tools to analyze your performance marketing campaigns and benefit from them

What is performance marketing?

Relying on traditional marketing and advertising streams will give you limited returns. That’s where performance marketing comes into picture. ‘Performance marketing’ is a strategy used in online marketing campaigns where advertisers are paid only after the action is taken i.e. lead, click, and sale. It focuses on tracking and generating leads which gives marketers much needed control over their budget and guaranteed ROl (Return on investment).

Here are the top 5 tools to analyze your performance marketing campaigns:

1. Metrics:

Metrics are used to evaluate performance and marketing campaigns. Metrics used in marketing analyzes the data to provide meaning to it and the possible changes that could be made for better results. This tool assists those in marketing at performance analysis and result forecasts. For example, Metrics used in performance marketing measure the effectiveness of advertisements by tracking the click through ratio, the cost per click through each ad, ROI (Return on Investment), and cost per order.

2. Dashboards:

Dashboards are typical marketing performance tools used for tracking and measuring sales performance. Dashboards are software programs that can be integrated into sales calls and provide the marketing or sales personnel with statistics regarding their performance such as the number of calls, accumulated commissions, and the closing ratio. It allows the marketer to focus on the task while getting a constant reminder of their performance and what they are yet to accomplish. It assists the business owners and managers in tracking the performance of their employees. Some dashboards are free to download and some provide a free trial.

3. Feedback Analytics:

Feedback Analytics enables you to collect primary data to analyze whether your marketing and sales team are doing their job correctly or not. Surveys provide important feedback as to what could be done in the long haul. By constantly taking feedbacks from customers one can create a tailored marketing strategy for the market segment that they are trying to reach.

4. Customer management software:

Numerous technologies are created towards improving marketing performance. For example, call automation used with handsfree phone communication and customer management software can help marketing professionals optimize their efforts. Moving from one customer to another while gathering the maximum information about their shopping habits helps in catering to your customer better in the future.

5. SEO Reporting:

SEO has become a very important tool in the world of digital marketing and performance marketing. One of the goals of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to generate traffic. With the best SEO practices, one can increase the visibility of their website. Correct keywords can generate free, and organic traffic for the website. SEO targets searches like video search, image search engines which helps your website to be found.

Performance marketing is a strategy used for guaranteed results. With the tools above one can track their sales find loopholes in their marketing strategy.


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