By Duane Fernandes | 17th March 2021

Organic VS Paid Marketing Which Is Better For Your Business?

We all at some point in our professional lives have surely contemplated on whether should we focus more on organic marketing or paid marketing?

Don’t worry, even I have.

Nevertheless, today I am not only going to dive deep into each aspect but am also going to answer the million-dollar question; is it organic or is it paid, which one should you be leveraging for your business?

First, let us understand the benefits of each approach.

What Is Organic Marketing?

Organic social media refers to the free content (posts, blogs, photos, video, memes, Stories, etc.) that all users, including businesses and brands, share on their feeds.

What Is Paid Marketing?

Paid social media is another word for advertising. It’s when brands pay money to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to have their content shared with specific new audiences who are likely to be interested, either through “boosting” their organic content or designing unique advertisements.

Now first, let us understand the benefits of each approach. We will then get into the depths of the comparison, leading us the answer the all-important question and understand how to use both effectively.

Benefits of Paid Marketing:

1. Scaling Up Quick

Well, providing you with the greatest benefits on the investments in advertising is the business of all digital platforms. They have provided you with all the features to gain credibility and reach out to your target audience very effectively.

2. Target Regions

As mentioned above, the greatest advantage of paid advertising is the ease of finding your audience. The algorithms are only more effective and advance as they are learning more, and being nourished with more data.

3. Leverage Dayparting

You obviously will want to be present in front of an audience at peak times, like an early afternoon or evening. Having the liberty to choose the time to run your ads is really a blessing.

4. Aggressive Landing Pages

Scientifically strategizing your landing pages to create the greatest seamless experiences for your paid audiences is another powerful benefit of paid advertising.

Benefits of Organic Marketing:

1. More Traffic Over Time

Gaining huge organic traffic is like a marathon. You go slow at the start and eventually pick up the pace later on in the race. You are not destined to go viral in your first post, blog, or video. However, focus on consistently putting up great forms of content without being hurt by the low traction.

Pro Tip: Maintaining it is greater than making it.

2. Organic Traffic Is Free!

Yes, it takes some costs in hiring writers, or cameras, or whatever variable costs that go into creating the content. However, as we are getting traction by using great content strategies and campaigns is what makes it “Free”! The best part is, most of the strategies are all out there.

3. Organic Listings With Higher CTR

With great SEO strategies or due to your brand’s content going viral, digital platforms have algorithms in place to show your content to people. Which automatically boosts your CTR’s. Inturn boosting conversions and engagement.

Now, you’re probably wondering, which one should you do?

Well, with paid, you’ll find that you can scale up and down much quicker.

With organic, it is a marathon, not a sprint.

With paid advertising, you can control the type of artists that comes to your landing page.

With organic, you can’t. You pretty much get a mix of everything. It could be some people from the United States, a specific city that you may not be selling your services in, or whatever region it may be.

You can’t necessarily control that as closely as you can with pay-per-click.

Also, with organic traffic, it’s not guaranteed. Algorithms can slap you.

Yes, you can maintain a portion of it, but it may go up or down and you could get slapped from the algorithm.

And, yeah with paid marketing you can get pulled away as well and slapped, but it’s very rare because you’re paying them.

You’ll also find that paid scales easily, which organic takes a lot of time to do.

With organic, you got to create a lot of high-quality content, either yourself or you got to hire writers or contractors, whatever it may be.

And even when you do that, you won’t see the results right away.

It can take three to six months before you see some results. But it usually takes over a year before the results start kicking in.

So now let’s go to the ultimate question; is it Organic or is it Paid, which one should you be leveraging?

Well, the answer is both

The Synergy Of The Organic & Paid Marketing Objectives:

Now of course as I mentioned, we need both of them. Organic and paid traffic has to go hand in hand. There is no better “ONE”. Traffic is traffic, it is all about finding the right traffic that suits your brand the best, and that will be profitable and provide you with all the required results.

It is all about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and analyzing the results well, to make sure that you are ONLY further strategizing with a data-driven approach.

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