By Duane Fernandes | 10th March 2021

How To Write Emails That Convert?

Before I talk about building email lists and all that stuff, I want to first talk about the value of email.

Email according to me is the lifeblood of my marketing and certainly for any organization as well.

It is a crucial asset to any business. I used the term ‘asset' very specifically because when you are exposed to the emails of your buyers, you can utilize them over, and over, and over again.

People talk about, "Passive Income", and "Internet Marketing", but how do you achieve that? Basically, "How does money work for you when you're not working?"

Well, an email list is one of the key components of that, because of the value of people buying your products and services.

So if you're interested to know more, I have shared some tips I use, I hope they bring great value to you.

Do write back to me if you have any questions or gain any great value from it. So let's get right into it.

Tips For Writing High Converting Emails:

1. Slay The Subject Line:

"On average, 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar"

Always remember, your headline is what makes or breaks your email. Your viewer can't see the content of your email at first, no matter how great the content of your email.

So focus on emphasizing the benefits they get and making them worry that they will miss out on what you are offering. We will talk more about that in tip #4.

2. Don't Shout; It's Spammy

Don't forget, the objective is not to create noise, but to be heard. Another thing about being loud is that it creates a persona to your reader that you're desperately trying to get their attention and don't know what you're saying.

Let the value of your content do the talking. Don't be exaggerate and be calm, light, and occasionally funny.

3. Know Your Audience

I cannot emphasize it enough, but don't even start anything until you know have done a thorough study on your audience, and their interest and behaviors.

Doing this will make every step of the process much more effective, especially your copywriting. You have to write for the reader.

4. The Psychology of Email Marketing:

Well, all of us as human beings have our brains wired to react in predictable ways to certain types of input. That's why understanding and using psychology can help you create a more successful, high-converting email marketing copy.

Here is some basic psychology to keep in mind while approaching your email:

  • Fear Of Missing Out(FOMO) is basically how we as humans feel pressurized when we are constrained to a limited time or when we get anxious about losing out on opportunities. Webinars, seasonal offers, time-bound content, and such other types of content is great to achieve this
  • Color choice, since different colors elicit different reactions. You can use this effectively in CTA buttons, for example.
  • Using pictures of a human being or some prominent face from your organization to express emotions, or having them look directly at the CTA is very effective.
  • Use social proof and case studies to create more trust in your viewer's mind.

5. Call-To-Action (CTA)

This surely is a very very important part of your entire email. It is if and only if the user clicks the CTA you determine the success of the design of the email.

There are many ways of adding CTA's, like hyperlinking text, adding lucrative buttons, and so on. I always prefer to keep it simple using text hyperlinks. However, when required, I do add buttons for my CTA's. Do use the right colors as per the tone of the email.

6. Mobile Responsive

In today's day and age, mobile is has become increasingly important. People prefer accessing emails and almost every other digital platform via their mobile phones. So be sure to verify its responsiveness on mobile and make sure there aren't any experience gaps.

7. Know Your Goal

Yes, you have to always approach the email with a clear objective in mind. Ask yourself and get a clear understanding of, “Where in the funnel does my audience lie?”. This will help not only help you write the appropriate copy, but also will help you create an email journey to be followed as well.

8. Personalization Is The Key!

I know, I know, almost every blog you will read will tell you to personalize your email, but it is the basic demand and has frankly become a basic norm now.

So now that the cat is out of the bag, how do you take personalization to the next level? Well adding their name to the subject or copy will surely grab their attention, but it doesn't make it personal.

One way is you could try segmenting your audiences into similar groups of interest, to begin with, and create copy that revolves around their interest.

Another way is doing a deeper dive into the specifics of their interest and make different groups based on that. For example, your data set could be of photographers, filter out wildlife photographers, and you could fragment that into photographers from a certain location and mention that in your email, to make it even more personal.

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