By Duane Fernandes | 28th January 2021

How & Why Should You Help iSN Help You?

The digital boom has left the world with a never-ending demand for digital marketing services and experts.

Given that my company and I are in the same industry we certainly love it.

However, there's one thing that disappoints us.

That is when we come across a 'Marketing Guru' preaching about their packaged services and theories.

Exposing The Packaged Services Hoax

Have you ever noticed that no agency or marketer can ever promise the number of leads they can generate?

That's right, no one can ever predict the future or the exact outcome of any campaign. It is a process of creativity, perseverance and disciplinary experimentation, followed by data-driven decisions.

Your business isn't lacking a special Instagram package, or super-efficient Email automation, or any one of those lucrative packages.

Your business needs an evaluation of its unique problems, that pose a threat to achieving the desired results, followed by creating custom solutions that seamlessly eliminate the detected problems, to create the greatest impact.

Background On 'Help iSN, Help You'

Ever wondered why we call our service "Performance Marketing Solutions", and not "Digital Marketing Solutions"?

'Help iSN, Help You' is predicated on the values of our Performance Marketing Solutions.

Since our team has been doing this for so many years, we are well versed with all the tricks and phony monetization techniques. We even have been victims of such misrepresentation ourselves, in our early stages.

That is where our Director of Sales & Operations, David coined the term "Performance Marketing Solutions"

"Performance Marketing Solutions", or PMS, are solutions created to align with your goals. We take immense pride in being one of the few people to initially take this noble step in providing authentic marketing partner support.

What Makes 'Help iSN, Help You' Different?

'Help iSN, Help You' is our humble approach to learn our prospect's needs and challenges first, and then create a customized solution that aligns perfectly with the needs of our prospects.

Step 1:
Ask all the business-related questions to have a better understanding of your business and your business challenges.

Step 2:
Listen very carefully to each detail.

Step 3:
Understand and document everything.

Step 4:
Take all that we learn back to our team, and research, strategize and create S.M.A.R.T. goals to efficiently fill every gap, to optimize for the greatest performance.

Step 5:
Present and finalize the plan.

Step 6:

Why We Love This Approach?

This approach has won our hearts because of 2 simple reasons.

The results and the values.

As I mentioned before, we are immensely proud of the value we stand by.

However, that's not all we take pride in. The results we've gotten from this approach has boosted efficiency and success.

The most notable thing is, it's not only sustainable, but it has also boosted our partner lifetime value, due to our seamless, authentic and satisfying experience.

The Success & Efficiency of 'Help iSN Help You'

iSN Performance Marketing Solutions is a good 10+ years strong now. We have successfully delivered 200+ satisfied clients with 1000+ projects and counting. We are currently serving the technology, design, and e-commerce industries.

Our approach has proven to be very successful for as-well-as highly appreciated by our clients. It is our unique humble learner approach and perseverance for the greatest experiences that set us apart.

We would love to get to know you and help you too. But hey, don't forget, only you can Help iSN, Help You!

We have even made this process easier than ever before with our 3-Step Evaluation process. So fill the form now, and let us help you.

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